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The words of the Mourner’s Kaddish have comforted Jews throughout the centuries. We recite it to honor loved ones who once filled our lives and are now departed. You can ensure that Kaddish will be said for your family member in perpetuity when you purchase a Temple Israel perpetual yahrzeit.

A perpetual yahrzeit at Temple Israel ensures that Kaddish will be recited every year on the anniversary of your loved one’s passing. For the week prior to and one week following the date of death, your loved one’s name and date of passing is displayed on the electronic yahrzeit board in the Beit Ha’am lobby. The name of your loved one is also included in the Temple Israel Book of Memory and will be included in any future programs that honor those on whose shoulders we stand.

Cost for a perpetual yahrzeit at Temple Israel is $300. For information about purchasing a perpetual yahrzeit, please contact the Temple office, or 330-455-5197, or complete the form available below. You can purchase a perpetual yahrzeit at any time following a death or you can arrange an advance yahrzeit for yourself or a loved one, providing peace of mind for you and easing the burden on your family. 

On July 1, 2024, the cost for a perpetual yahrzeit will increase to $360. Arrangements made by June 30, 2024 can spread payments across 2024 at the $300 rate.

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